It can be difficult when your child starts to experience the first signs of puberty. They may not understand the changes they are experiencing and feel embarrassed by how they smell. It is therefore vital that when introducing your child to the concept of managing their hygiene that they feel comfortable with the products that they are using.

Keep It kind are very aware of the new approach to gender marketing, with many products becoming gender neutral. We have therefore repackaged our deodorants to be less obviously gender segregated. Missy has been repackaged in two new colours, a pink for those who are more comfortable with a more overtly feminine product and a dark purple which would appeal to girls who are not into pink.

We then also have our FreshKidz roll on. This is an excellent introduction to deodorant and packaged in a neutral green it can appeal to both girls and boys.

Finally, we have Blast; this is an aerosol, aimed at older tween boys who are looking for something more grown up that they can have in their school locker.

We believe for children who are becoming tweens and teens it is so important to make sure they are comfortable with the changes their bodies are going through and picking the right product is vital to help with this.

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