In February this year we were delighted to secure a 200 store listing in Sainsbury’s. It took them a bit of encouraging but needless to say that once they meet with our passionate founders they were fully supportive of our business purpose and future ambitions. This is our 3rd significant retailer listing, and follows Boots (500 stores) and Tesco (200 stores).

Stocking all 4 products in our deodorant range, sales in Sainsbury’s have been very encouraging, with Missy roll-on being the best performer. We aren’t overly surprised as we continually review all consumer feedback received and we noticed that they were numerous requests for a fragranced roll-on to complement the Missy spray product, and so we developed one. The consumer is always right!!

To find the nearest Sainsbury’s store to you, visit our ‘Where to Buy’ page, or simply click this link

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