Every day we produce on average one litre of sweat. Our skin contains millions of glands, and it is some of these that produce sweat. When we are hot, active, nervous or stressed, our sweat glands are stimulated to produce more sweat. As sweat evaporates from our skin, it absorbs heat energy from our body and so cools us down.
We have between 25,000 and 50,000 sweat glands in our armpits alone, although this is actually only a small percentage of our total. But the sweat is more likely to get trapped under our arms and can’t escape and so it is more noticeable here.
Sweat by itself is virtually odorless. But when microscopic bacteria that live naturally on your skin mix with sweat, they multiply quickly and raise quite a stink.
As parents ourselves we have firsthand experience of our kids being affected by body odour so we have compiled our top tips on how to reduce it.
Shower or bathe daily. Shower at least once a day and you’ll wash away sweat as well as reduce the number of bacteria on your skin. Also use effective body cleansing agents such as soap or shower gel and ensure you scrub your armpits, groin and feet where there are many sweat producing glands.
Towel Off Thoroughly. Once you’ve showered, be sure you dry yourself completely. Towel off and make sure you dry any areas where you sweat a lot. If your skin is dry, it’s harder for bacteria that cause body odor to breed on it.
Change your clothes, including undergarments and socks, daily. Wash underwear after each use, and other clothes at least when they get dirty, sweaty, or when they do not smell clean. Natural fibres such as cotton porous, thus allowing air to pass through which helps to cool the skin.
Adjust your diet/lifestyle. Body odour is directly linked to the waste products of your body’s digestion. What you eat has a large effect on how you smell. If you eat bad quality, unhealthy food, your digestion will reflect that, and you will excrete those bad smells. Try to avoid fast food, fried foods and any other processed foods that contain a lot of chemicals. The aroma of foods such as onions or garlic can be carried in the sweat, making you smell bad.
Use an effective chemical free deodorant. Once you are clean and dry use our deodorant, which is highly effective in inhibiting bacterial growth – try it, it really works. Apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

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